The Aphasia translate project seeks to develop solutions to restore communication to non-anglophone or bilingual stroke patients who have lost their capacity for speech. The beneficiaries will be patients hospitalized in neurovascular emergency units during the critical phase at admission. Our goal is to provide medical and paramedical staff with free online access to innovative, digital tools to help patients regain speech based on neurolinguistic research and speech therapy.  


Albanian language / Algerian Arabic language /  Argentine’s spanish language (Cordoba)/ Aymara language / Bambara languageBasque language (Northern) / Brazilian’s portuguese language  / Brittany language Bulgarian language / Chilean’s spanish language /  Chinese Mandarin language / Dagara language / Dutch language (Netherlands) / Egyptian Arabic language / Fongbé language / French language / German language / Greek language / Hebrew language / Hindi language / Hungarian language / Kabyle language / Kalenjin language Italian language / Iraqi Arabic language / Japanese language / Khmer language / Korean language / Macedonian language / Malagasy language / Mina language / Moroccan Arabic language (Darija) / Polish language / Portuguese language / Quechua language Reunion island’s Creole language / Romanian language / Russian language / Serbian language / Slovak language / Spanish language / Syrien Arabic language / Tagalog languageTamil language / Tibetan language / Tunisian Arabic language / Turkish language / Twi language /  Ukrainian language Venezuelan spanish language /